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MWM Celebrates Major Anniversary: 150 Years of Innovation and Progress in Distributed Energy Generation with Highly Efficient Gas Engines

Mannheim, February 2, 2021

MWM celebrates its 150th anniversary. "Looking back at the past years, the company is happy and proud of what it has achieved. If at all possible under the current circumstances, we plan on duly celebrating the event", says Christian Wurst, Head of Marketing of Caterpillar Energy Solutions. On this occasion, MWM has planned a number of campaigns and surprises to commemorate the milestones of its 150-year history.

MWM Celebrates Major Anniversary

Traditional Company with a Long History

Over the years, the combination of tradition, innovation, and a quest for continuous further development has turned MWM into one of the world's leading and most respected brands in the field of gas engines and power gensets. Throughout generations, the commitment of the team members has been a key component of MWM's success. With their tireless efforts and quality awareness, they have made an important contribution to the development of matchless products under the MWM brand, while at the same time providing customers with the best possible advice in all planning and service-related areas. Today, some 1,400 employees work at the Mannheim facilities and at other locations around the globe.

In 1871, automotive pioneer Carl Benz founded the "Mechanische Werkstätte" in Mannheim, laying the company's cornerstone. In 1879, the company manufactured its first two-stroke gas engine for permanent operation, and in 1922, Benz & Cie. became "Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G." or MWM. In 1932, the company started developing small diesel engines for industrial and agricultural applications, and in 1979, MWM celebrated the 100th anniversary of the development of the first two-stroke engine for gas and the launch of gas engine manufacturing in Mannheim. Since 2013, the MWM brand has been part of Caterpillar Inc.

Now, in this year of 2021, MWM is proud of its 150 years of innovation, development, and progress, which have yielded powerful and reliable gas engines and CHP plants that are still being marketed from Mannheim to the entire world.

Focus on Responsible Customer Relationships

As the digitization progresses and the energy market changes with the passing of time, so do the requirements for MWM gas engines and the needs of customers. MWM stands for responsible use of natural resources; therefore, the eco-friendly MWM cogeneration power plants and combined heat and power plants for distributed economic energy generation are designed to make effective use of renewable energies. In addition to the extensive range of MWM services, digital platforms and plant controls have been developed in order to support customers even more systematically and further increase the availability and performance of the MWM plants.

Publication about MWM's 150-Year History

On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, MWM will publish a book recounting the history and development of the MWM brand. The book will be published in English and German and, upon release, can be ordered via the MWM Web Shop. Apart from the book, the pipeline contains a number of other campaigns, which will be presented and rolled out in the course of the anniversary year 2021.

"We are pleased to celebrate this significant anniversary with our employees, service partners, and customers, and we would like to express our appreciation for the trust shown in our gas engines, products, and service offerings for 150 years", says Peter Körner, Managing Director of Caterpillar Energy Solutions.

150 Years of Innovation and Progress in Distributed Energy Generation with Highly Efficient Gas Engines

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