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All-Round Talent TCG 3020: MWM's High-Performance Genset Now Available as V12 and V16

01.07.2021 | Mannheim

The MWM TCG 3020 gas engines are now also available as V12 and V16. Thanks to the compact design, the new MWM gas engines deliver up to 18 percent more performance than the predecessor models, though their dimensions are almost identical. The all-round talent among the MWM gas engines stands out with its high efficiency and flexibility, combined with a smart digital plant control for optimum energy generation performance.

MWM Brand, MWM Gas Engines, New Website Look: Tradition, Innovation, and Continuity

15.06.2021 | Mannheim

The relaunched website of MWM appears in a new, fresh design. The graphical modifications and technical fine-tuning of the online presence have been implemented as part of the digital campaign on the occasion of the 150th anniversary under the motto "150 years of continuous innovation".

Double Bioenergy Output in Less Than Two Years: Agricultural Company Upgrades Engines at Eight Cogeneration Power Plant Locations with MWM TCG 3016 V12 and V16 Gas Engines

31.03.2021 | Mannheim

By upgrading the engines of its biogas plant locations with eight containerized MWM cogeneration power plants and MWM TCG 3016 gas engines, the agricultural company Gebrüder Nooren GbR has doubled the installed electrical output of the existing plants. The generated power is fed into the public grid.

MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM): 24/7 Live Monitoring for Gas Engines and CHP Plants with the New Digital MWM Online Condition Monitoring System

15.02.2021 | Mannheim

With MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM), you can monitor your CHP plant all around the clock from any location worldwide. It allows you to directly and proactively react to any issues on site. By using MWM RAM, potential damage can be identified at an early stage before it causes a shutdown of your site.

MWM Celebrates Major Anniversary: 150 Years of Innovation and Progress in Distributed Energy Generation with Highly Efficient Gas Engines

02.02.2021 | Mannheim

This year, MWM celebrates its 150th anniversary. Founded by automotive pioneer Carl Benz in 1871, the traditional company has continually adapted to the rising requirements of the energy market and has delivered key innovations in the field of distributed energy generation.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions Website Relaunch: Upgraded Information Offering in Line with Digitization and Online Strategy

14.01.2021 | Mannheim

The relaunched corporate website of Caterpillar Energy Solutions dons a new design. The website now features even more information on career opportunities, services, products, and training offerings.

Review of 2020: Under the Banner of the Digital Energy Reform, MWM Focuses on Innovative, Smart Energy Solutions with Gas Engines for Sustainable, Secure, and Climate-Friendly Energy Generation

22.12.2020 | Mannheim

MWM looks back on 12 trend-setting, successful months. Throughout the year, MWM rolled out numerous energy projects for clean and sustainable energy generation and created new digital platforms for customer communication. With its EmiBox, MWM offers a reliable emission monitoring solution.

MWM Goes Blog: More Information about the Significance of Gas Engines and Cogeneration Power Plants for the Energy Reform Now Available in the MWM Energy Blog

27.10.2020 | Mannheim

The launch of the "MWM Energy Blog" on represents the next step in the expansion of the range of digital information on cogeneration power plants and gas engines. In the MWM Energy Blog, MWM presents information on energy policy topics, technical innovations, and opportunities of distributed energy production with cogeneration and gas engines.

For MWM Distributors and Service Partners: Digital Production of Customized Product Catalogs via MWM Online Service Portal

30.09.2020 | Mannheim

With the new MWM Service Portal, MWM takes the next step on the path to digitization in the fields of service, marketing, and sale of innovative energy solutions. Smart production processes enable MWM partners to create individualized product catalogs with services for their customers on the basis of standardized print templates. The flyers can be designed and produced both for web and for print purposes.

MWM Launches Own Facebook Brand Channel and LinkedIn Page for More Customer Dialog and Exciting Stories and News about MWM Gas Engines, Services, Cogeneration Power Plants, and Gas Applications

10.09.2020 | Mannheim

MWM is further expanding its service offering by launching its own brand channel in the social networks Facebook and LinkedIn. On these digital platforms, MWM provides interesting information on MWM products, the latest industry news, and fascinating background stories.

Customer Satisfaction Survey of MWM Service Reveals High Level of Satisfaction

30.06.2020 | Mannheim

A customer satisfaction survey conducted by MWM Service from April 2019 to February 2020 has delivered positive results and a satisfaction index of 98 percent. In total, more than 800 responses have been received from MWM customers in Europe concerning their experiences with MWM maintenance activities and MWM Service in general.

Digital MWM "TCG Portal" Provides Partners with Easy and Secure Access to Tools and Services for MWM Gas Engines

05.06.2020 | Mannheim

The digital "TCG Portal" gives MWM partners a concise overview and secure, convenient access to all applications and services for MWM TCG gas engines. With its innovative, customer-friendly platform, MWM successfully takes on the challenges of distributed energy generation in this age of digitization.

MWM Service Tutorial Videos Win intermedia-globe Silver Award 2020 at 21st World

11.05.2020 | Mannheim

For the first two episodes of the MWM service tutorial video series "Do it the smart way", the independent international expert jury of the WorldMediaFestival 2020 honors Caterpillar Energy Solutions with the intermedia-globe Silver Award in the category "Training: Learning Programmes". The German-language videos have been translated and dubbed in several languages.

To Make Sure Everything Works in Times of Crisis

28.04.2020 | Mannheim

When the cogeneration power plant was first set up in 2007, Dräger opted for reliable, efficient MWM engine technology in the form of a TCG 2020 V12. After 13 years of smooth operation, the core of the cogeneration power plant is now being replaced with an MWM TCG 2020 V12 gas genset with improved efficiency.

MWM TCG 3016 in Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant in Madrid for Higher Performanc

12.02.2020 | Mannheim

In the last phase of a three-phased project MWM completes the renewal of the Spanish wastewater treatment plant Viveros de la Villa in Madrid. For a higher efficiency of the cogeneration plant an MWM TCG 3016 V08 genset will be installed.

2019: Outstanding Year for MWM with Focus on Flexibilization and Distributed Power Generation for Maximum Energy Security in the Age of Energy and Structural Change

20.12.2019 | Mannheim

With its positive business performance and numerous trend-setting, award-winning innovations, 2019 was an outstanding year for MWM. The year was especially marked by the topics of energy security and sustainable energy generation as well as growing flexibilization of CHP plants.

MWM Presents Award for Outstanding Performance to TEDOM at the 10th TEDOM Partners´ Meeting in Prague

17.10.2019 | Mannheim

Every two years company TEDOM invites their international business partners to inform about future developments of their products, to exchange experience in sales and service and to update business relations with their partners all over the world. This year’s event in Prague, which has been the 10th anniversary of the TEDOM Partners´ Meeting, offered the opportunity of celebrating the milestone of purchasing the 300th MWM genset.

New Management Assumes Responsibility of Product Brand MWM as of October 1, 2019

14.10.2019 | Mannheim

As of October 1, 2019, Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH, headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, will be headed by Johan Masse, Uwe Sternstein and Peter Körner. The company represents the MWM and Cat brands. The new management team comprises three experienced managers with long-standing expertise.

Maximum Efficiency, Fast Installation, Optimum Space Utilization: MWM TCG 3042 Gas Engine Joins MWM Lineup

24.09.2019 | Mannheim

Among the MWM power gensets, the TCG 3042 gas engine is a specialist for natural gas applications. Apart from high profitability, flexibility, and reliability, the unit boasts the highest output in the MWM product range with maximum electrical efficiency.

Energy Security in the Manufacturing and Utilities Industries through Cogeneration Plants

21.08.2019 | Mannheim

During summer heat waves, trigeneration is an attractive alternative especially for industrial cooling processes in the manufacturing industry. The distributed energy generation with cogeneration power plants makes it possible for enterprises to ensure sm

Climate Friendly Distributed Energy Generation

25.06.2019 | Mannheim

On March 15, 2019, the new pellet plant of WUN Pellets GmbH went live in Wunsiedel, Upper Franconia. The 30-million-euro investment was officially inaugurated by Dr. Markus Söder, Bavaria's Minister-President. The pellet plant's control energy power plant, which runs with three MWM TCG 2032B V16 gas engines, is considered to be an outstanding example of eco-friendly, distributed energy generation.

MWM TCG 3020 Video Honored with Intermedia-Globe Silver Award 2019

17.05.2019 | Mannheim

At the WorldMediaFestival, Caterpillar Energy Solutions again received the Intermedia-Globe Silver Award, this time for its product video about the newly developed MWM TCG 3020 gas engine. Especially the sophisticated 3D animations and the soundtrack, which was composed especially for the video, earned the praise of the international expert jury.

TCG 3020 Film Provides Digital Insight into the Multi-Talent among Gas Engines

26.03.2019 | Mannheim

MWM has published a product film about the newly developed TCG 3020 gas engine, a multi-talent that delivers improved performance and profitability in a compact design and effectively balances efficiency and reliability.

Munich Exhibition Grounds: Modernized Cogeneration Power Plant Achieves Higher Efficiency and Sustainability with MWM Gas Engine TCG 2020, Carbon Savings of about 630 t

15.03.2019 | Mannheim

The MWM TCG 2020 V16 power genset installed by the Munich City Utilities for the cogeneration power plant of the Munich Exhibition Grounds delivers improved efficiency, more flexibility, and better eco-compatibility for distributed energy generation. In addition to the ICM building, the CHP plant also supplies the offices in the administration building with heat and power.

PT. Kaltimex Energy Officially Certified as Authorized MWM Service Partner in In

06.02.2019 | Mannheim

On August 14, 2018 at the MWM energy generation seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia, PT. Kaltimex Energy was officially certified as authorized service partner of MWM Asia-Pacific in Indonesia. The seminar was attended by industry representatives as well as customers of PT. Kaltimex Energy.

The New MWM TCG 3020 V20 Gas Engine: The All-Round Talent

16.01.2019 | Mannheim

A new model of the MWM gas engines is now available on the market: TCG 3020 V20. Apart from delivering improved performance and profitability, this gas engine effectively balances efficiency and reliability.

2018 in Retrospect: Digitization and Flexibilization of Powerful MWM Gas Engines for Maximum Efficiency in the Age of Industry 4.0

14.01.2019 | Mannheim

Newly installed cogeneration power plants, engine replacement of cogeneration power plants with MWM gas engines, transition to flexible operation of many CHP plants, and increasing digitization—as a whole, MWM is very pleased with its business performance and trend-setting innovations in the past 12 months and makes a robust forecast for 2019.

MWM TCG 2032B Gas Engine with Fast Ramp-Up Option

15.08.2018 | Mannheim

Due to the characteristics of renewable energies, many operators of gas-fired plants depend on flexible operation. To avoid supply fluctuations, it must be possible to start up power plants speedily. A special mode of operation allows the MWM TCG 2032B V16 to flexibly switch between a normal and a shorter start time.

19th WorldMediaFestival: MWM Film Wins intermedia-globe Silver Award 2018

04.06.18 | Mannheim

Another MWM product film has qualified for a renowned international media award: The WorldMediaFestival honored the product film entitled "TCG 3016. Efficiency Goes Digital" with the intermedia-globe silver award 2018 in the Sales Promotion category

Globally Successful MWM TCG 2020 Gas Engine for Distributed Energy Generation: Popular in India

08.05.2018 | Мангейм

With its high energy efficiency and flexibility, the TCG 2020 gas engine is MWM's most successful power genset around the globe and popular in India. A party was held in recognition of the superb ecological and economic performance of the engine series.

TCG 3016. NEW on the block. Presented in vivid virtual images. The VIDEO about TCG 3016 gas engine

28.03.2018 | Mannheim

A short while after the successful market launch of the newly developed TCG 3016 gas engine, the product video is now available on YouTube. The video bundles all important information, new features, and advantages of the newly developed gas engine series

Newly Developed TCG 3016 Gas Engine – Efficiency Goes Digital

08.11.2017 | Mannheim

The MWM TCG 3016 gas engine represents an entirely new development in MWM's CHP plant portfolio. The integrated digital plant control TPEM facilitates the installation and enables more flexible operation. In the field of natural gas and biogas operation, the TCG 3016 is the most efficient gas engine in its output class. In combination with a period of 80,000 operating hours (natural gas) or 64,000 operating hours (biogas) until the general overhaul, this makes the TCG 3016 a premium choice in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

Following its TV history, the BBC building in London, is now writing history with an energy project

26.09.2017 | Mannheim

For more than 50 years, the BBC Television Centre was the site of British TV history. The installation of a cogeneration power plant with an MWM gas engine in the former TV studios demonstrates the eco-friendly, sustainable conversion of a historic site.

Blackout in Hamburg: Local Companies Suffer Substantial Loss Due to Power Outage

20.07.2017 | Mannheim

Enterprises in Hamburg have suffered severe losses – losses that could easily have been prevented through independent distributed energy generation with stand-alone CHP plants.

Indonesia: Fourteen MWM TCG 2020 V20 Gas Engines Counteract Power Bottlenecks

04.07.2017 | Mannheim

With a total capacity of 28 MWel, the Rawa Minyak CHP plant ensures reliable energy supply of Siak and surrounding villages in Riau Province, Indonesia.

20.000 hours in less than three years – MWM gas engines have proven themselves in Greece

21.06.2017 | Mannheim

Four MWM gas engines type TCG2020 V20 reached significant energy savings, increased production whilst reducing emission footprint at the Wonderplant CHP.

Expansion of One of Europe's Largest Greenhouse CHP Plants with Two More MWM Gas Engines

20.09.2016 | Mannheim

So far, the greenhouse complex of about 60 ha has been supplied with power and heat energy from 16 MWM gas engines. Now, another two MWM gas engines of the TCG 2032 are being installed in the CHP plant.

Italian Enterprises Increasingly Turn to CHP Plants – Lamberti Group Installs Third MWM Cogeneration Power Plant in a Row

23.08.2016 | Mannheim

In line with the ongoing trend in the Italian industry, chemicals manufacturer Lamberti has opted for CHP plants with MWM gas engines.

Detailed Miniature Model of MWM TCG 2032 V16 Gas Engine

06.07.2016 | Mannheim

The scale model of the MWM TCG 2032 V16 gas engine is available in the MWM online shop (limited number).

Changed lubricant consumption of MWM gas engines enables customers to save money

08.06.2016 | Mannheim

The optimized lubricant consumption of some MWM gas engines enables plant operators to save money.

TCG 2032B V16: Enhanced Performance and Lower TCO

12.01.2016 | Mannheim

The new performance-boosted MWM TCG 2032B V16 offers customers additional efficiency. With its tried-and-tested, durable technology, the upgrade of the MWM gas engine delivers higher availability and leverages additional efficiency potential.

Cogeneration Plant with MWM Engine in Frankfurt Nordwest Hospital Designated CHP Plant of the Month

15.03.2016 | Mannheim

In February 2016, "Energie & Management" magazine designated the combined heat and power plant in the Frankfurt Nordwest hospital, which runs with an MWM TCG 2016 V16C gas engine, as the CHP plant of the month.

Relaunch of the Russian MWM Website

16.12.2015 | Mannheim

The new local Russian MWM website comes with an appealing and functional design, target group-specific content, and a high level of user-friendliness.

MWM optimizes gas engines in the TCG 2020 series for biogases

18.11.2015 | Mannheim

Biogas variants of MWM TCG 2020 gas engines with enhanced squish pistons for higher electrical efficiency with biogas.

CHP pilot project with five MWM gas engines in the Ural Mountains

08.10.2015 | Mannheim

The gas engines of the first cogeneration power plant for independent energy production in one of Russia's key mining regions come from Mannheim.

CHP plant with MWM gas engine supplies CHP heat to Berlin households

06.07.2015 | Mannheim

Berlin is pleased. On the one hand, by low residential utility costs and, on the other hand, by an improved CO2 balance created thanks to the MWM CHP plant.

MWM Gas Engines Counter a Countrywide Power Outage in Turkey

08.06.2015 | Mannheim

An industrial park in Turkey relies on own power generation using a cogeneration plant with MWM gas engines and remains unaffected from the countrywide power outage.

Intermedia-Globe Award in gold for Modular Power Plant product film

13.05.2015 | Mannheim

World Media Festival Award recognizes Modular Power Plant Product Film with golden Intermedia-Globe Award 2015.

CHP Plant of the Month 01/2015

23.03.2015 | Mannheim

The Reiling group CHP plant with its MWM TCG 2016 V12 gas engine receives award as “Cogeneration Power Plant of the Month of 01/2015".

Launch of the Caterpillar Energy Solutions Website

09.02.2015 | Mannheim

All information on Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH and the Cat and MWM brands available via the new website.

Boosting earnings and profitability with balancing energy

27.01.2015 | Mannheim

All MWM power generators with a power range from 400 to 4,300 kWel fulfill the technical requirements for providing balancing energy.

Optimum Energy Security with Redundant Energy Systems and Digital Control of CHP

15.06.2018 | Mannheim

The power outage at Hamburg's Helmut Schmidt airport underlines the importance of precisely planned, installed, and maintained cogeneration power plants and emergency power systems.

Weinheim Waste Treatment Plant

12.01.2015 | Mannheim

Using MWM CHP plants the Weinheim Waste Treatment Plant produces some 150% of its own electricity use

Cogeneration Power Plant at Bitburger Brewery Wins Prize

16.12.2014 | Mannheim

MWM CHP plant in Bitburg receives recognition from the trade journal Energy & Management as the CHP Plant of the Month 11/2014

Biomethane CHP Plant of the Month

24.11.2014 | Mannheim

The Werder biomethane cogeneration plant received the accolade "CHP Plant of the Month 09/2014" from the German trade journal “Energie und Management” (Energy & Management).

MWM Wins Marketing Prize for the Market Launch of its Modular Power Plant

13.11.2014 | Mannheim

MWM stands out with its "Lego modular approach to power plants."

ENERGY STAR CHP Award for Eco-Friendly Cogeneration Plant

27.10.2014 | Mannheim

The US Environmental Protection Agency confers the ENERGY STAR CHP Award for CHP plant with MWM gas engine.

Munich Airport Relies on MWM CHP Gas Engines for its Energy Supply

08.10.2014 | Mannheim

Munich Airport covers 56 percent of its electricity, heat and cooling demand via its own CHP plant.

Former Prime Minister Koizumi Visits Biogas Plant

28.08.2014 | Mannheim

Japanese energy experts are interested in gas-powered cogeneration systems for decentralized power production.

Cogeneration deserves greater attention

11.08.2014 | Mannheim

Energy turnaround with decentralized, combined generation of electricity.

15 MWM gas engines receive 1 million clicks on Youtube

05.08.2014 | Mannheim

The MWM film "60 MW Around the World" won the 2010 silver medal at the Intermedia Globe Awards.

CHP in Industry

17.06.2014 | Mannheim

Own production of electricity – a profitable alternative for the future? A presentation by Jörg Richter, Business Development Manager at Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH

Caterpillar is founding member of EUGINE

04.06.2014 | Mannheim

The European association is the new mouthpiece to represent the interests of the engine power plant industry.

Online CHP plant maintenance

14.04.2014 | Mannheim

Remote access to plant control systems of cogeneration plants (CHP plants) with VPN router.

CHP amortization calculator unveiled

07.04.2014 | Mannheim

Calculate the profitability of investments in MWM cogeneration power plants and gas engines online.

Biogas plant Luchky with MWM gas engines

17.03.2014 | Belgorod

Russian Minister President Dmitry Medvedev visits the Luchky biogas plant in Belgorod.

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