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"Golden Lightning" for Best Distributed Power Generation: MWM Austria Wins Coveted Award for Biogas CHP Plant with TCG 2032 V16 Gas Engine

02.03.2021 | Mannheim

MWM Austria GmbH has received the international "Golden Lightning" award in Moscow at the VIII Distributed Power Generation — Great Achievements International Award in recognition of an energy project in Austria. The biogas CHP plant uses the by-products that accumulate at the textile pulp manufacturer AustroCel Hallein GmbH for eco-friendly, inexpensive combined heat and power (CHP) generation.

Distributed Power Generation: MWM Distributor MKS Group of Companies Sets up Facilities for the Production of Modular Power Plants in Moscow and the City of Chelyabinsk – the Industrial Center of the South Urals

27.08.2020 | Mannheim

MWM distributor MKS Group of Companies is setting up production facilities for modular power plants for distributed energy supply in the Malaya Sosnovka Industrial Innovation Park in the Russian region of Chelyabinsk. Additionally, a modular power plant will supply the residents of the industrial park with heat and power. The plans for the construction of another production site for modular power plants in the Moscow region are already in the pipeline.

24/7 Energy Security through Modular Power Plant with MWM TCG 2020 V20 Gas Engine in Russia's Largest Natural Stone Production and Processing Facilities

22.07.2020 | Mannheim

MWM distributor MKS Group of Companies has commissioned a highly efficient energy center in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. The modular power plant is equipped with an MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine and ensures uninterrupted energy supply for sensitive natural stone production and processing workflows. Additionally, the efficient, distributed energy generation concept enables the industrial enterprise to save two thirds of its previous energy costs.

Maximum Energy Efficiency in Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant: Innovative Cogeneration Power Plant in Sverdlovsk, Ural, with Four MWM TCG 2032B Gas Engines

16.06.2020 | Mannheim

Last year, a new cogeneration power plant was opened for the Nadezhda smelting plant of UMMC-Steel Corp. in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russian Federation. The new cogeneration plant is one of the most technologically advanced and energy-efficient power plants in the Ural Mountains. Powered by four MWM TCG 2032B V16 gas engines, the cogeneration power plant ensures reliable energy generation and emergency power supply for increased profitability and eco-friendliness of the company.

MWM Distributor MKS Group of Companies Completes Innovative Power Plant Solution with MWM TCG 2032 Gas Engine for Enterprise NLMK Ural

25.02.2020 | Mannheim

In 2019, official MWM distributor MKS Group of Companies successfully completed commissioning of the generating equipment at the power plant for the NLMK Ural (NLMK Group) enterprise in Russia. The new energy complex becomes the most powerful gas engine power plant in the district, reduces the enterprise's production costs, and decreases the greenhouse gas emissions of the enterprise by 4,000 tons per year.

Newly Manufactured 1,5 MW CHP Container as a Solution for Russian Customers

21.08.2019 | Mannheim

MWM distributor "Electrosystems" Technical Holding in Russia has invited MWM to their workshop facility in order to inspect three of the recently manufactured 1,5 MW CHP containers.

Commissioning of 18 MW Modular-Power-Plant with TCG 2032B gas engines by MKS Group of Companies

24.05.2019 | Mannheim

In May 2019 the MWM distributor MKS Group of Companies has achieved a new milestone in the sector of the distributed energy supply within the Russian Federation by setting the first fully locally produced 4,5MW Modular-Power-Plant, based on the MWM TCG 2032B V16 genset, into operation.

MKS Group - Third Official MWM Dealer for Russian Federation

08.03.2017 | Mannheim

MWM extends its distribution network and announces MKS Group as new official dealer for MWM cogeneration units and gas engines in the Russian Federation.

MWM partner Electrosystems delivers two MWM TCG 2020 V20 CHP containers to a harbour facility in the Russian city Novorossiysk

25.10.2016 | Mannheim

The Russian company and MWM Partner Electrosystems, located in St. Petersburg, has delivered two TCG 2020 V20 medium voltage CHP containers to its client in Novorossiysk. The 4 MW power plant will be implemented at the KSK Grain Terminal at the Novorossiysk harbour.

6,4 MW MWM power supply extension for company UGC “The Gold Mining Company”

23.08.2016 | Chelyabinsk

6,4 MW MWM power supply extension for company UGC “The Gold Mining Company” goes online

MWM Moscow took part in the exhibition “Greenhouses and sheltered ground of Russ

13.07.2016 | Mannheim

A team of the MWM Representation in Moscow played a proactive role at the exhibition, which is known as one of the major events for the Russian sector of greenhouse plants.

Six MWM TCG 2020 V16 Gas Engines Installed in Russian Cement Plant

26.04.2016 | Mannheim

In December 2015, an MWM CHP plant with six TCG 2020 V16 gas engines went live in the Russian cement plant OOO Atakaycement in Novorossiysk.

YUGAGRO Trade show in Krasnodar

27.11.2015 | Krasnodar

the YUGAGRO International Agricultural Exhibition was held at the Expograd Yug Exhibition and Congress Center (Krasnodar) with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Energy efficiency of greenhouse complexes

18.11.2015 | Chelyabinsk

The All-Russian Forum for managers and specialists of engineering services of greenhouse businesses was held on November 17-18, 2015.

Gazpromneft Conference in Omsk

11.11.2015 | Omsk

On November 9-11 on the premises of the Omsk Lubricants Plant the representatives of Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH took part in the conference held by Gazpromneft-Lubricants Company where the company’s results and recent achievements were presented.

Visit to Mayskiy powerplant

30.09.2015 | Tatarstan

On the 30th of September the employees of Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH and Motorwerk-SGU visited one of the biggest Russian minor power generation facilities – Mayskiy power plant.

The 1st Business Platform of the Volga Region was held in Kazan

29.09.2015 | Kazan, Tatarstan

The Ist Business Platform of the Volga Region ‘On-site power generation for enterprise: focus on energy efficiency, continuity and cost reduction’ , Kazan, Tatarstan

The IIIrd Eurasian Forum of Vegetable Farmers

03.09.2015 | Minks, Belorussia

The 3rd Eurasian forum of vegetable farmers took place at premises of the agricultural enterprise Zhdanovichy on 2-3 September.

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