Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Cogeneration - Combined Heat, Power and Cooling (CHP)

Combined energy generation or the use of power and heat or cold enables energy savings of up to 60 percent compared to separate generation in power plants with additional boilers. Power generation is decentralized, i.e. generation takes place where power or heat is needed. In turn, the heat can be fed into a local or district heating network or be used for generating steam.

Cogeneration Plants by MWM

As a holistic partner, MWM not only delivers cogeneration plants and gas engines with an excellent efficiency at attractive prices, but also provides competent advice and service for the development of integrated CHP plants and power plant concepts in order to exploit the entire value chain of decentralized energy generation.

Combined heat and power plants with gas engine gensets can easily and inexpensively be integrated in existing plants.

Fig. Cogeneration compared to seperate power production

Fig. Cogeneration compared to seperate power production

How Does Cogeneration - Combined Heat and Power Generation Work?

The combustion of gas releases mechanical energy that a generator converts into power. The heat produced in the engine can be used with the help of heat exchangers.

Basically, distinction can be made between power and heat-led combined heat and power plants. Cogeneration is usually heat-lead. This means that the plant runs when heat is needed, and the resulting power is fed into the national grid.

Greenhouse Cogeneration Plants

A special utilization field for combined heat and power generation is the deployment in greenhouses. The produced electricity is used for illuminating the greenhouse, and the heat is used for the heating system. In addition to the actual cogeneration, the CO2 from the exhaust gas can be used as fertilizer for the plants. A special exhaust treatment unit purifies the exhaust gas in such a way that usable carbon dioxide enters the greenhouses.

MWM's range of products and services includes the design, planning, and delivery of turnkey cogeneration systems.

As a system provider, component manufacturer, and service provider, MWM boasts an excellent reputation in the field of innovative technologies and is a respected business partner for cogeneration plants.

Fig. Principle of combined heat and power (CHP) plants with gas engines

Fig. Principle of combined heat and power (CHP) plants with gas engines


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