TCG 3042 – Specifications and Service Intervals

Dimensions and Weights

  TCG 3042 V20
Engine type 50 Hz 60 Hz
Length mm 14280 14280
Width mm 3910 3910
Height mm 5101 5101
Dry weight genset kg 164000 164000
Bore/stroke mm 340/420 340/420

Service Intervals

  First service* Charge air cooler
Cylinder head
First major maintenance interval
Natural gas 2,000 h 32,000 h 16,000 h n. a.

* "after go live (E10)"

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MWM Representation in Moscow
Sales & Service
Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH
Bldg. 1, 5/2, 1st Kazachiy per.
119017 Moscow
Russian Federation

T: +7 495 234 49 41
E: A00BA9CAcDAa-BbCfCaD8A8fBfAdA0d7BcAd1D9A86B8A69CfD9CeB2D7C7D6

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