Gas engine TCG 2032

Gas engine TCG 2032

3,000 - 4,500 kWel

High reliability. Low operating costs. Mainly used in large IPP projects, up to 100 MWel.

MWM TCG 2032 V12, V16 Gas Engine – High reliability. Low operating costs.

Compelling arguments – Features at a glance

  • Output range from 3,000 to 4,500 kWel
  • Runs on all gas types: natural gas, landfill gas, sewage gas, mine gas, coke oven gas, biogas(1)
  • Mainly used in large IPP projects with up to 100,000 kWel
  • The series features superb reliability and low operating and maintenance costs.
  • High reliability
  • Low operating costs
  • Also available with fast ramp-up option for the gas engine TCG 2032B V16
  • More than 740 power generators with approximately 2,850,000 kWel already installed around the globe

The MWM gas engines of the TCG 2032 series are perfectly geared to the challenges of a dynamic market environment. In the power range of 3,000 - 4,500 kWel reliability, flexibility, efficiency and environmental compatibility are ensured along with low life-cycle costs. In this way, they meet the high requirements of a wide range of applications and are highly profitable.

TCG 2032B V16 gas engine with fast ramp-up option

TCG 2032B V16 gas engine with fast ramp-up option - 4.5MWel gas engine for a quick start

  • The feature of a fast ramp-up start is becoming increasingly important due to growing intermittent renewable capacity such as wind and solar
  • The MWM TCG 2032B(2) gas engine has a software option for a fast ramp-up start. This option allows to switch between normal and fast start requirement for each start request
  • A fast start is a start in less than five minutes from start request to 100% load on the grid

(2) Available for all TCG 2032B V16 standard voltages 6000 V to 11 kV @50Hz, only for natural gas

High reliability. Low operating costs – Gas Engine TCG 2032

High Efficiency and Low Lubricant Consumption

  • High fuel utilization and low operation costs thanks to optimized chamber spark plug
  • Increased efficiency through new closed crankcase ventilation that enables utilization of the blow-by gas
  • High availability through long maintenance intervals: first maintenance after 4,000 h, major overhaul after 80,000 h
  • TCG 2032: With its lubricant consumption of only 0.2 g/kWh up to 30 percent lower lubricant consumption compared to competitor products thanks to optimized tappet sealing, coke stripping rings and ring packages

Soot-Free Combustion Increases Plant Profitability

  • Open combustion chamber with chamber spark plug for soot-free combustion
  • Extended maintenance intervals for the exhaust gas heat exchanger
  • No pre-combustion chamber with time-consuming maintenance and risk of failure
  • No additional gas supply with increased gas pressure required for pre-combustion chamber

Few Interruptions Due to Long Maintenance Intervals

  • No more than two interruptions a year due to scheduled maintenance
  • Longest interval until major overhaul compared to competitors
  • Use of Xchange components enables time savings of up to 75 percent during the major overhaul, resulting in reduced costs

High Availability - Gas Engine TCG 2032

New Turbocharger Technology Increases Genset Availability

  • Improved output under non-ISO conditions
  • High output of 4,500 kWel possible through use of A140 high-pressure turbocharger
  • Turbocharger achieves higher compression ratio and enables operation under full load with intake air of up to 45°C
  • Exhaust gas waste gate enables constant performance with different intake air temperatures and setup altitudes
  • Evening out of reserve boost pressure in relation to load results in higher efficiency and improved load response

Low Installation Costs - Gas Engine TCG 2032

Compact Engine Design for Easy Transport and Installation

  • Extremely lean genset with compact dimensions, low noise emissions, and smooth running guarantees minimum installation costs
  • Compared to competitors, the specific output/weight ratio is up to 40 percent better
  • Lighter engine components eliminate need for strong crane
  • Compared to competitors, TCG 2032 V16 is up to 30 percent shorter in length
  • Low weight and compact dimensions enable easy transport even to remote destinations

Short Project Period - Gas Engine TCG 2032

Short Project Period Thanks to Compact Setup

  • Pre-manufactured components directly from the manufacturer ensure quick and easy assembly on site
  • Identical setup of the individual modules facilitates flexible adjustment of the plant output
  • Modest need for space through compact design
  • Plant planning and building from one source guarantees smooth, cost-efficient project rollout

Lower Service Costs - Gas Engine TCG 2032

Low Service Costs and a Lean Maintenance Concept

  • Enhanced maintenance concept through easy access to the cylinder units
  • Long service intervals and improved serviceability
  • Low maintenance costs due to fewer engine parts, resulting in low maintenance overhead and spare parts requirement
  • Lower maintenance overhead through open combustion chamber with pre-combustion chamber spark plug

(1) Gas engine TCG 2032 V12 not available for biogas

Values given here are for information purposes only and not binding. The information given in the offer is decisive.

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