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Distributed Power Plant Solutions for Sewage Plants

Mannheim Sewage Plant, Germany

Utilizing methane from wastewater treatment plants for electrical power production

Many wastewater treatment facilities use waste gas or digester gas from wastewater treatment as a fuel source of generator sets (gas engines). This gas is comprised mostly of methane and carbon dioxide that is generated by wastewater digesters used in the water treatment process. This waste gas is then captured and used by MWM gas engines to provide the plant with electricity and heat for the digester or other thermal loads.

Waste gas has a heating value between 6 and 6.4 kWh/m³ as well as a fluctuating methane content based on its organic raw materials. The heat generated during power production is utilized as process heat in the wastewater treatment plant and thus saves additional energy costs.

Benefits from methane-to-energy projects include:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Decreased environmental impact

A durable gas engine specifically designed for use with low-energy fuel is the cornerstone of a reliable electric power system. This gas engine drives a generator set to produce electricity.

Our gas engines offer a specialized tolerance to the contaminants in sewage gas fuels by offering additional features.

Features of MWM gas engines for the combustion of waste gas include:

  • A crankcase ventilation pump to eject potentially acidic blow-by gases
  • Specially designed aftercooler cores, cylinder heads, main bearings and connecting rod bearings that are hardened against corrosive elements
  • A differentiated cooling system to operate at elevated jacket water temperatures to prevent condensation of contaminants

MWM offers gas engines specially matched to waste gas, complete systems as well as containers for combined heat and power. Our customers receive expert advice on how to design, install and maintain power plants designed especially for wastewater plant gas fuel.

Selected references

Mannheim Sewage Plant, Germany

The Mannheim Sewage Plant has added a container with a TCG 2020 V12 to its system portfolio. This new plant runs both on natural gas and on sewage gas.

Melbourne Water, Australia

The Melbourne Water Corporation is responsible for the wastewater handling and treatment for the city of 3.7 million inhabitants. Seven gas gensets convert natural gas and sewage gas to energy, each generating 1.4 MW at a temperature of 35°C.


Cogeneration Power Plant Solutions

Eco-friendly MWM cogeneration power plants with combined heat and power enable decentralized, economical and energy-efficient power production.

Container Cogeneration Plant

Container Cogeneration Plant, the mobile power plant of MWM. Complete turnkey systems for special applications. Quality "made in Germany". Optimized for reliable, smooth operation and fast service.

Gas engine TCG 2020

1,200 - 2,000 kWel

For the highest ratings in ecology and economy. Best electrical and thermal efficiency in its class. All gas types: natural gas, biogas, mine gas, landfill gas, sewage gas.


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