Sredneuralsky Copper Smelter, Russia

Sredneuralsky Copper Smelter, Russia

Sredneuralsky Copper Smelter, Russia

Facts & Figures

Genset/engine: 5x TCG 2032 V16
Segment/gas type: Natural gas
Customer: Stark Energy LLC 2012
Total output: 21.5 MWel
Commissioning: 2014

The CHP plant on the site of the Sredneuralsky Copper Smelter in Russia's Ural Mountains is being run with five MWM TCG 2032 V16 gas engines. The gas gensets each have an electrical output of 4,300 kWeland a thermal output of 4,153 kWel

The Russian energy provider Stark Energy LLC 2012 not only handled the installation of the system, it has also been running it to this day. Stark Energy sells the generated electricity and heat to the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMCC). This makes the copper smelter one of the first in all of Russia to benefit from independent power production (IPP) by means of an MWM CHP plant. Thanks to the high overall efficiency of the cogeneration plant, the surplus energy not needed can be fed into the power grid.


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