CHP Plant, Kletkamp Farm, Germany

CHP Plant, Kletkamp Farm, Germany

Facts & Figures

Genset/engine (R 002): 1 x TCG 2016 V12 B
Segment/gas type: Biogas
Customer: Nawaro Kletkamp GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Total output: 568 kWel
Commissioning: 2006

Nawaro Kletkamp GmbH & Co. KG uses a biogas CHP plant. Every day, about 20 tons of corn silage are used as input substance. The engine's exhaust heat is used to dry grain and to heat the company's own buildings as well as part of the neighboring town of Lütjenburg. Following the fermentation processes, the residual substrate is used as fertilizer. In total the plant saves 4,000 tons of CO2 equivalents a year.


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