TPEM - Total Plant & Energy Management

MWM Digital Power with TPEM – Total Plant & Energy Management

The transformation to holistic power plant and genset control: With its new fully integrated, digital power plant control TPEM, MWM redefines the control standard for gas engines and energy solutions. 

Modern energy generation plants feature complex applications and custom circuitry. Automation and closed-loop control with maximum operating security and seamless communication play a key role, which TPEM effectively handles. In this way, additional controls are not necessary, as all power plant data are combined in a single system, and the control of the entire energy generation plant is possible via a hardware and software solution custom-developed by MWM. 

In this way, TPEM revolutionizes the previous TEM control systems through additional integration of relevant key functions such as synchronization, generator and network power switch, and remote access.

TPEM – Total Plant & Energy Management

TPEM – Digital, Flexible, and Highly Efficient

  • High efficiency through optimum control of the entire power plant
  • Reduced planning and installation costs thanks to integrated power plant control concept and, in most applications, elimination of the need for additional controls
  • Configurable modules for individual customer and application solutions
  • Wealth of experience from decades of further development and supervision of the TEM control system
  • Software and hardware from one source for full genset performance and maximum reliability
MWM Digital Power

Digital Operations: Integrated Power Plant and Gas Engine Control

  • Integrated system for genset, backup genset, and plant control
  • Easy to use, multilingual 15" touchscreen with intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Uniform user interface for full power plant control and configuration
  • Integrated, secure remote access for comprehensive power plant control on site and via VPN connection with the TPEM Remote Client including free visualization (no license required)
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology for cutting-edge security, TÜV-tested safety chain
  • Personalized access control system for authorization and identification check
  • Parallel operation including synchronization as well as isolated operation including load balancing
  • Full gas engine and genset control including mixture and engine cooling circuit as well as cooler and ventilation control
  • Customer interfaces for integration in add-on systems – digital inputs and modbus RTU
  • Comprehensive storage of power plant data of up to one year including real-time analysis option
  • The operating log enables the recording and analysis throughout the lifecycle of the genset and connected components
  • Permanent monitoring, control, and collection of data on the system and power plant status (gas engines, genset, pumps, valves, fan, and generator, including synchronization and power switch)

TPEM Redefines Control Standards of Gas Engines and Energy Solutions

  • Secure maintenance and customer access via TPEM Remote Client and dual user authentication with USB token and password
  • Certified according to the BDEW technical guideline "Generating Plants Connected to the Medium-Voltage Network" in Germany and UL "Underwriters Laboratories" standards in the USA and Canada
  • Comprehensive support of the required NAB functionality


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