System Solutions

The customized MWM system components and solutions meet the various requirements of our customers in the best way possible.

Depending on the gas type and the energy supply concept, we deploy fine-tuned components and system solutions in all areas: from the gas processing and cleaning to the heat utilization and exhaust gas treatment to turnkey and container solutions. MWM gas engines are highly efficient energy generation systems. All plant components – such as pumps, coolers, switchboards, plant visualization systems, and medium-voltage transformers – can be delivered in the form of a perfectly aligned overall system. As an energy solution provider, MWM offers its customers components and solutions from one source. Customers benefit from the optimum customization of the individual components to boost the efficiency of the energy generation plant.

TPEM - Total Plant & Energy Management

With its comprehensive digital power plant control TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management), MWM revolutionizes the control standard for energy solutions.

Heat Utilization

Cogeneration installations generate mechanic energy and warmth for heating purposes or for production processes.

Gas Processing

Gas processing is necessary in the case of highly contaminated fuel gas or to enable exhaust gas treatment with an oxidation catalyst.


Exhaust catalysts ensure compliance with emissions standards and eco-friendliness of the gensets

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MWM Compact modules

Container Cogeneration Plant

Container Cogeneration Plant, the mobile power plant of MWM. Complete turnkey systems for special applications. Quality "made in Germany". Optimized for reliable, smooth operation and fast service.


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