Container Cogeneration Plant

Compact modules for the TCG 3016, 2016, 3020 and 2020 gas engines. Complete turnkey systems for special applications.

Compelling arguments – Features at a glance

  • Available for the TCG 3016, TCG 2016, TCG 3020 and TCG 2020 gas engine series
  • Short planning time
  • Mainly deployed in Germany and Europe for biogas and cogeneration systems
  • Complete turnkey systems – planning, configuration, installation, service – all from one source.
  • 270 containers with 245 MWel have already been installed worldwide.
  • Comprehensive plant concept
  • Optimal and flexible system design
  • Low maintenance costs and a longer lifecycle
  • Low installation costs

Description – Container Cogeneration Plant

Turnkey Systems Enable Quick Availability, Low Costs

  • Much shorter planning, building, and commissioning times
  • Lower investment costs, especially in the case of plant extensions
  • Risk mitigation, as containers are easier to disassemble and reuse
  • Suitable for temporary use, e.g. in testing or construction phase
  • Plants can easily be adapted to changing levels of gas by adding or removing containers (e.g. for landfill or sewage gas)

Comprehensive Plant Concept

More Gain through Optimum Tuning of All Components

  • Control of the entire system with the MWM TEM Evo system; all control circuits are perfectly tuned to each other
  • Optimum service by MWM, the manufacturer of the genset and of the plant; additionally, this ensures access to all further developments and product enhancements
  • International certifications allow deployment around the globe, e.g. CE, Russia, Kazakhstan, Eastern Europe, Canada (CSA)
  • High reliability through container quality "made in Germany"

Optimum, Flexible Design

Optimum Plant Configuration According to Customer Needs

  • CHP or power containers
  • Gas compressor and gas refrigeration dryer (if necessary)
  • Optional connection for propane supply
  • Gas mixers and gas trains tuned to the respective gas quality
  • Compliance with formaldehyde limits pursuant to the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG) through active carbon desulphurization and catalysts

Low Maintenance Costs, More Operation Time

Smart Container Concept Facilitates Daily Operation

  • Welded steel construction with smooth wall panels and space-saving heat and noise insulation; noise-insulated, air-conditioned control room
  • Brackets for fastening hoisting gear
  • Rails in the container floor and fully opening door for quick disassembly of the genset
  • Container floor serves as oil sump if necessary
  • Longer maintenance intervals through biogas processing

High Availability

High Availability and Low Service Costs through Optimum Setup and Long Maintenance Intervals

  • Ventilation and circulation control ensure optimum intake air temperatures, even if outside temperature is very high or low
  • High pressure in container reduces amount of dust
  • Cable exits under the switch cabinets, connections for gas and heating water in the side panel
  • Roof components can be pre-assembled or delivered in modules in order to minimize transport costs

Low Installation Costs

Low Installation Costs through Compact Setup of TCG 2032

  • Pre-manufactured components directly from the manufacturer ensure quick and easy assembly on site
  • Identical setup of the individual modules facilitates flexible adjustment of the plant output
  • Modest need for space through compact design
  • Plant planning and building from one source guarantees smooth, cost-efficient project rollout

CHP ROI Calculator


Gas Engine TCG 3016

400 - 1,000 kWel

New development – greatly reduced operating and installation costs and fully digitized power plant control.

Cogeneration Power Plant Solutions

Eco-friendly MWM cogeneration power plants with combined heat and power enable decentralized, economical and energy-efficient power production.

Gas engine TCG 2020

1,200 - 2,000 kWel

For the highest ratings in ecology and economy. Best electrical and thermal efficiency in its class. All gas types: natural gas, biogas, mine gas, landfill gas, sewage gas.


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