CHP Amortization Calculator

CHP Amortization Calculator to help you decide on investing in energy-efficient technologies

For those looking to invest in energy efficient and eco-friendly MWM solutions for the sustained growth of their company, the CHP Amortization Calculator offers the possibility to assess the profitability and efficiency of gas engines and cogeneration power plants (CHPs).

The sophisticated online tool enables you to gain an initial assessment of the economic advantages of your plan to invest in MWM gas engines and cogeneration power plants (CHPs), based on the conditions currently prevailing in your country.

Simply enter individual values and calculate profitability of CHP plants

Enter relevant criteria, like installation country, gas type, the required output after installation, and energy prices for power and/or gas to assess the economic viability of a project of this type. You will then receive a custom profitability calculation on the basis of your data. The Amortization Calculator will furthermore calculate the number of years until you reach your ROI.

The economic efficiency of MWM solutions is determined on the basis of the following specific criteria:

  • Installation country
  • Gas types: natural gas, biogas, wastewater digester gas or landfill gas
  • Gas engine specifications (required properties and output of the CHP plant)
  • Year of commissioning
  • On-site power and feed
  • Energy prices and price development
  • Installation type and cost of capital

The results presentation is prepared directly online, along with a separate PDF document that is sent to the user by email. In addition to data on which the investment decision is based, the document contains a description of the best suited MWM gas engine, along with a profitability calculation summary.

Gas engines & Products

Container Cogeneration Plant

Container Cogeneration Plant, the mobile power plant of MWM. Complete turnkey systems for special applications. Quality "made in Germany". Optimized for reliable, smooth operation and fast service.

Gas Engines / Gensets

400 - 10,300 kWel

Output range from 400 kWel to 10,300 kWel. Run with natural gas, biogas, shale gas, mine gas and other gases.


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