Combined heat and power (CHP) plants

In addition to the generation of energy in internal test facilities, MWM produces power, heat, and cold in highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Thus, MWM is also an energy supplier.

In 2010, 9,300 MWh of electricity were fed into the public grid, an amount sufficient to supply about 3,000 households. With its decentralized electricity feed-in, MWM provides major relief for the power grids and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

MWM Blockheizkraftwerk (BHKW)

MWM Blockheizkraftwerk (BHKW)

Combined heat and power (CHP) plants - advantages

The internal energy management enables optimum economic control of key energy parameters such as electricity, heat, and gas.
Apart from fulfilling the company's electricity needs, the company's own combined heat and power (CHP) plant provides the factory with heat in winter and cold in summer (see cogeneration & trigeneration).

At the same time, the CHP plant serves as an experimental power plant for our R&D department in order to identify and fulfill the requirements of MWM customers even more effectively.
MWM actively demonstrates the efficient and eco-compatible use of resources. Ultimately, MWM customers are the ones who are to benefit from the practical experience that MWM has gained in the responsible use of energy with combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

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Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Combined energy generation or the use of power and heat or cold enables energy savings of up to 60 percent. Learn more about cogeneration, trigeneration and the underlying technology.

Plant engineering from one source

MWM offers comprehensive plant concepts from gas processing to plant control to cold and heat extraction.

Prime Power

MWM plants to cover the base load may be small biogas gensets in Germany as well as large power plants in Asia or Africa.

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